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:zombie: Melissa Hutchison; voice of Clementine in The Walking Dead game (and many other voices) will be hanging out for a few hours during the event! (along with other special guests)

:firelite-photo: Twitch buttons created for Channel page:
Twitch Team Playing With Fire Button 02 by IMAGINeye   Twitch Team Playing With Fire Button 01 by IMAGINeye

:rabbithole: Deviant Art featured this journal! :wow:  Big huge thanks to eawood , Moonbeam13 , and techgnotic for posting this and their support.  This is what I'm talking about, Deviant Art is just so supportive and kind, it means a lot!  I'd give you all a big Irish hug if I could!

Playing With Fire Logo by IMAGINeye

...Looking for people to join!

I'm helping to create a charity gaming group through Extra Life!  We're looking for gamers and non-gamers alike to join our group.  If you're a gamer, we need your help to create content, to stream during the charity event.  If you're a non-gamer, we need your help getting donations, pledges, drumming up support for the big day!

Extra Life Team Page:  Team Playing With Fire

Extra Life is about raising money for local hospitals through gaming!  How does it work?  Well, people can donate money as usual.  Just a flat sum, here ya go, etc.  But where Extra life really shines, is its gaming events.  There will be events where we all game for a full 24 hours (or we can break it up into a smaller 12 hours).  People will pledge an amount for every hour you play.  So if they pledged $1 dollar for every hour, and you game for the full 24 hours, then that's $24 dollars you just raised!

The Extra Life Story:

I love the DA community, its giving heart, it's something I've seen first hand.  Together you helped me bring smiles to kids at CHOC hospital through your art, you helped me raise the funds I needed to say good-bye to my dog, now I want to take it a different route.  To help others, hospitals, kids, through our love of games!

CONTACT & INFORMATION:  Questions? Wanting to join? Ideas? Artwork?  
         :bulletblue:  Email Me:
         :bulletwhite:  Twitter:  PlayingWFireTV
         :bulletblue:  Extra Life Team Page:…
         :bulletwhite:  Twitch Ryann:…
         :bulletblue:  Twitch Tasi:…


"Wait Ryann, I'm not interested in gaming," you say?
Even if you don't want to game, you can help in other ways!  Spreading the word, donating to the event, even watching us game (as views help spread the word).
Another way is by creating artwork!  Any artwork created for our group, the gaming event, etc; I'll post to our Twitter account, showcase during game time, even send to the hospitals we're supporting!
      :bulletblue:  We're currently looking for a graphic designer to create a t-shirt.
      :bulletwhite:  One that will be worn by our streamers for that day.
      :bulletblue:  Needing UI overlays for our PC Twitch streamers
      :bulletwhite:  Needing Twitch channel banners (for people to click on to donate)
      :bulletblue:  If interested in helping to create any of these, please e-mail me!

As always, thank you for all your help and passion.
Deviant Artists never cease to amaze me!
Thank you for all your love and support!

:katana: Vi et animo,
"By strength and courage,"
More Journal Entries

Welcome To Hardcore Gamers!!!

Irk the Tamer and Sima by Scruffy-StevieArdent by R-no71Zelda t-shirt design by bluespartan10Hardcore SNES Shirt Design by bluespartan10Sonic by gureidusonRequiescat in pace...bastardo by S-SeithTogether at last. by bluespartan10Shitty Games Ruin Lives by bluespartan10 How to be a Hardcore gamerHow to be a Hardcore gamer:
So, you want to be a Hardcore gamer? Well, here is this handy guide on being the most obnoxious and annoying Hardcore gamer.
1. You can only have one or the other, you can only love Call of Duty or Battlefield, if you love the other, you must hate the other because the FPS you love is superior to the other, also, all other FPS games suck, remember that, you hate Goldeneye, Halo, Homefront, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Team Fortress 2, etc. (also, if you hate both Call of Duty and Battlefield, you must hate ALL FPS shooters)
2. When a company or game does you wrong, boycott them because you have nothing to do other than bash the hard-working companies and when there are NO dedicated servers for a game, BOYCOTT THE GAME TO DEATH.
3. Motion-controls suck, you hate the Wii, Kinect and PlayStation Move.
4. Hate Sonic, no, seriously, he sucks anyway.
5. "E" rated games suck, they are no fun and are for retarded ten-year olds. YOU MUST ONLY HAVE "T" AND "M" RATED GAM

This group is for everyone that is as obsessed with video games as we are!! If you're like us, your room is essentially a shrine for your passion for video games and you have pages upon pages of your artwork based on video games plastered all over. This group, my gaming brothers and sisters, IS FOR YOU! I may be the founder, but I want you to take this group and transform it into gaming awesomeness :D

As we are artists here, let's help one another in improving our skill sets. We care about our respective crafts, and you should too!

Submission Guidelines:

1.) Please respect deviantArt's ToS. It's there for a reason. This means: no blatantly pornographic images. Submissions with a Mature filter are fine, as are portrayals of characters in sexy underthings and classy come-hither poses. Just no actual (or implied) boinking and all will be well. Use those filters wisely - you have to be 13 to use this site, so don't post anything you wouldn't want your 12-year-old looking at.

2.) All gaming-related art is welcome. Photography, 3D art, paintings/drawings (digital AND traditional), animations, pixel art, sculptures… heck, we accept cosplay. The point is that any medium is welcome here - we hold no bias.

3.) Skill level isn't important here: anyone from beginner to professional is welcome. However - please don't just scribble something in 2 seconds and submit it, make it at least LOOK like you put effort into it. If it's a practice sketch, or a drawing on a piece of lined or grid paper, please submit it to the "For sketches and beginners" folder. Also, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT STANDARD PHOTOS OF MERCHANDISE. Again, we are artists, and as such we put care in our creations. Let that show in your work. If you want critiques on your piece, write that in your description so others can help you.

4.) Please limit your submissions to 3 per week - we want to give other's artwork a chance to shine in the Featured folder.

5.) You can post advertisements, promotional content, and discussion topics in the journal feed on this homepage. For the most part we do not have any sort of general restrictions on what is posted. HOWEVER, please make a point to put detailed and worthwhile content into the feed, so as to not clutter it with a bunch of little bullet posts with URLs taking people all over the place.

6.) As if it wasn't made clear from other statements, let's say it now: please respect other artists and their works. I know it's the internet and all, but leave the trolling and elitism at the door. It makes everyone's lives easier.

Keep in mind, we're here FOR YOU. We will remain objective in our decision-making to ensure you are treated fairly. If you're having a problem with the group, don't hesitate to contact one of our lovely contributors to get it sorted out. (Keep in mind though, we won't babysit. True concerns and complaints will be handled accordingly.)

If your submission is denied, we will give you a reason that will correspond with the above guidelines - no more, no less.

Weekly Stats

nothing happening
4 accepted
35 accepted
nothing happening
nothing happening


All these groups are awesome check them out!!!

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K-Mate Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey there!
Nice gallery You got there.

If You like mobile games, i would like to show You the new iOs/Android Platformer game of our team. You can find pictures in my gallery, or, i just pass you the direct links: :D

App Store:…
Google Play:…

We don't want to spam here, of course :) We would love to hear a feedback from you on the game's visuals, if you like

Have a nice day all day long, and thank you for reading. ;)

UKENRON Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
KeIIion Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
for the Game "Legend" PSX  from 1998 

Request: Axel fighting Werewolves by Gabizolas

my drawing of the Flash Game (Defent Game ) Moonlight Sonata 
Request  Werewolf Defent  Moonlight Sonata by KeIIion
ChavisO2 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Student Artist
Hello Hardcore-Gamers Group,

I'm running a contest of "2nd Annual STEAM Contest"… . In my contest we are letting artists draw any videogame fanart they want from STEAM. 

Anyway I was wondering if you like to spread your message to the members if they would like to join my contest and I'm going to say I do have insane prizes this year and I thought the members would like to hear about it. However if you want to know the prizes it's STEAM gift cards. :D
doll13th Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Yay thank you!! ^^
bluespartan10 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
You're welcome ;)!
Alba-GG Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the request!
FERNANDOMON33 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What games rated E recommend?
FERNANDOMON33 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate zelda, hate the god of war, killzone hatred, hate the GTA, I hate to silent hill, resident evil hatred, odial gear of war, hate halo, metal gear solid hatred, hatred of the call of duty, call of duty hatred, hatred titanfall, metroid hates hate the devil may cry, ninja gaiden hatred, hatred no more heroes, and I hate to counter strike. In short, I hate all games that are not for all ages.
ZoraSteam Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for the request!
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